No Post Day: Holy Crap I’m Not Just A Couch Potato I’m A YouTuber

“Miss Take”; Horrorpops
let me know if the YouTube isn’t available.



A couple of months ago I tried, and failed, to upload a couple of videos to YouTube. For some reason I got it in my head it was because of the format my little movies are in… mostly .mov files. But last night I actually took time to look at the YT FAQs and it turns out I’m slightly retarded. So I uploaded two short videos of the storm we had last week…

From my balcony… note the horizontal snowfall.

From Main Street… that building at the end is a mural.

I’ve been using YouTube for what it was originally intended, as a place to secretly deposit copyrighted material. Anytime I find a YouTube I want to keep, but know is going to be deleted once it’s found by someone like Viacom or Universal Music Group, I use Real Player to make a copy in Flash. Then I upload to one of my YouTube accounts and link to it from there.

It totally sucks, I know, but there’s this thing called… actually I can’t remember what it’s called but basically I can quote from copyrighted material as long as it’s for a story… and, for the most part, the YouTube’s I use on Salted are picked, kind of, specifically for the Post they appear on… you know, for the most part, as quotes. Just like the written poems and outtakes from Grand Theft Auto I use… like when Two Star Cop asks Carl: “You want some nightstick?!?” Classic.

Actually… with the thirty-six hours of music I grabbed a couple of months ago from bit Torrent, these YouTubes and the idea for No Post Days which I totally ripped off from Anita Marie, I wouldn’t be surprised if Interpol was getting ready to knock on my door.

Technically I’ve only uploaded six copyrighted things but one of them’s from Mad TV and I can’t see anyone really caring about that. Anyway… I’ll be posting more of my own video stuff from here on so consider this a warning. No, there will be no videos of me looking into the camera and describing my day — I just saw a video post from a Recovery Blog where the blogger was thanking her readers for sending her cash. tah-ACK-eeee. Yes, there will Totally be a lot of shaking camera techniques.

So, just a quick question for anyone willing to answer (all the cool kids do it):

How do you feel about downloading songs or “stuff” from the Interweb?




About Gabriel...

...diagnosed with manic depression when I was nineteen, for the next 14-years I lived without treatment or a recovery plan. I've been homeless, one time I graduated college, I've won awards for reporting on Internet privacy issues, and a weekly humour column. In 2002 I finally hit bottom and found help. It's now 2022, and I have an 8-year old son, and a 12-year old son... I’m usually about six feet tall, and I'm pretty sure I screwed up my book deal. I mostly blog at
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8 Responses to No Post Day: Holy Crap I’m Not Just A Couch Potato I’m A YouTuber

  1. exactscience says:

    Youtube is fair game due to its notoriety. Otherwise? No.

  2. thordora says:

    My husband and I both did a lot of tape trading when we were younger, with each other and other people. We view the current file sharing in much the same way. There are two classes of people-those like us, who wanted to hear new stuff, and who then went out and bought the stuff that rocked, and people who aren’t going to buy it anyway.
    Anything I’ve downloaded that I’ve really liked (and have been able to find) I’ve purchased. The efforts to limit downloading make me believe that sales will be even more limited if that happens. I love music, and when I fall in love with it, I buy it. Limit my access to it, and I no longer buy it.

    this new “tax” on digital players is pissing me off, because I doubt that money will go to the artists.

  3. Bryan says:

    The way I see it if I am using tools that allow me to rip the audio/video streams from the net than there isn’t shit that the MPAA/RIAA can say about it. If they did I would would love to fight it because then they would have to try to get rid of everyones old VCR’s, tape decks, Mini disc recorders, The list goes on but thats the gist.

    I don’t see it as any different than using the same devices to record movies from the TV or record songs from the radio. To me that’s all fair use and if I decide to make a copy of my own collection of videos or music that I took the time to find then that’s my right.

    I haven’t bought a cd in years, I try to buy DVD’s less than I currently have in the past (though I will still buy one if I can’t find something specifically that I want to watch.) And besides if I like a movie well enough that I downloaded I have more the chance that I might actually buy the flick.

    Music I don’t feel so much honored to uphold. Not because I don’t feel that any of the artist need not be compensated but more for the fact that I like to make my own compilations because there is rarely a whole cd that I like all the tracks on so about 90% of the tracks on any given disc are just trash to me.

    I don’t care for the whole DRM thing that has been common practice with music in recent years. Macrovision protection for dvd’s and various other means they use to try to block one from making a copy for personal entertainment purposes.

    I don’t dig people that pirate music and movies to make a buck off the backs of other work by bootlegging shit. That’s just not cool. For personal viewing and sharing with those that you want to shouldn’t ever be in question.

    I think copyright protection should be lightened a great deal more than it is because it’s stupid to have laws that can’t be enforced. It’s a waist of time and resources that can be used to deal with some real issues.

    The whole industry is off somewhere in left field when it comes to what should be fair use. If they ever fixed their business model. They may find themselves making more money in the end by making their formats more open to the public and allowing personal responsibility to get back more in the hands of the people.

    Take for instance the recent joke that is going around with Hilary Clinton trying to say that she is going to push for her own personal crusade to protect our youth from sexual overtones in video games. WTF?! The games have ratings which was put in place by the game industry itself) and that’s why they are there. If they want to fix it then they need to do like they would do with alcohol and send in a person that’s under age to try to buy a mature title and fine the business if they fuck up. They don’t need to tell the whole industry that this part of the game doesn’t need to be part of the game. They just need to figure out how to enforce the current rating system.

    That’s my rant for the day though.

  4. dumbwaiter says:

    I’m fine with it. After all in this winter wonderland we call Canada, Downloading music from the internet is not illegal.

    When I purchase a blank CD or DVD, I pay a levy, which is collected by the CPCC, and then distributed to artists. The CPCC has the authority to decide on whatever it thinks should be charged a levy, and how much should be charged… this is why we now have, what is called an iPod tax. They can also change the amount they charge every year.

    Uploading music though is illegal, so remember to always keep your shared file empty.

  5. Gabriel... says:

    Spaz. Just so you know I’m looking through your presents tomorrow so don’t expect to get cash.

  6. darkentries says:

    I find it very handy, and saves me a fair amount of cash. Which is nice.

  7. puddlejumper says:

    As a musician I see internet downloads as fair game. I agree, it’s much like the old days of taping songs off the radio (also, technically illegal I believe) but at the end of the day it hasn’t meant I’ve spent less money than I would have otherwise.

    I buy as much music as I can afford to. I’ve bought albums off the back of hearing a couple of tracks from someone elses collection or through browsing file shares. Otherwise there are some bands I’d never have heard of.

    Frankly I prefer to listen to music without having to listen/watch adverts every five minutes and on TV and radio there are few places you can do this anymore.

    Plus isn’t it a bit like sharing your books with your friends? I’ve made copies of CD’s my friends like and vice versa but by the same token we swap books with each other not ever really expecting them back. Same deal?

    As for it costing the artists, I bet you’d find the folk with the highest amount of ripped off music on their ipod are the ones who still go see live acts and are paying ticket (plus merchandise) prices to do so.

    And also…I bet we’re the ones who’ll still happily pay a fiver for a CD sold by a wee unsigned band in the pub (even if they are just ok) out of respect for their craft. I know I do.

  8. only4now says:

    I imagine each contract to be a bit different. But my friend in the music business said they make only pennies off of the sale of the Cds. Their profits come from selling tickets and merchandise at venues.

    I once joked that I bought one of his Cds and he would now be rich. He thanked me for the extra dime in his pocket.

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