No Post Day: Going To The Show

2007 Stanley Cup Finals, Game 4; Senators won 5-3 — photo by Me, June 02, 2007


“Tessie”; Dropkick Murphys
One of my favourite songs…
Let me know if the YouTube isn’t available.



I’m going to The Show… Thursday night the Buffalo Sabres are in Ottawa to play against the Ottawa Senators, and I’m eating chicken fingers and drinking $4 bottles of Diet Coke while sitting in a Corporate Box Suite just above ice level to the side of Ottawa’s starting goaltender, Swiss borne Martin Gerber.

Fuck I love hockey. I was borne a Canadiens fan, but after the NHL reinstated a franchise in Ottawa in 1993 and watching those Senators lose every second game for four years I couldn’t help myself… there’s something about a watching a sports team made up of castoffs and has-beens take absolute joy in their small victories.

Ottawa and Buffalo play in the Northeast Division of the Eastern Conference. The Sabres are a fast and highly skilled team of young players with a superstar goalie and an excellent coach..

The Senators, despite falling to fifth place in the Eastern Conference, still have the most on-ice talent in the Conference. Which means sweet dick all since the meltdown the team has been in since February thanks to a rookie coach and the kid gloves he used when Ottawa’s goaltender started getting lazy.

I saw Buffalo play the Senators just after Christmas… it was a really good game, fast, lots of hitting… the two teams just don’t get along.


February 22, 2007, mini-brawl
Let me know if the YouTube isn’t available.

This is from the Feb. 22, 2007, game between the Ottawa Senators and Buffalo Sabres. Towards the end of this game, which Ottawa won, the game got really chippy until this mini-brawl broke out. Buffalo had the last line change so they were able to put out their “tough guys” against Ottawa’s “not so tough guys”. I love Ray Emery… the guy’s almost a lost cause, but one of the most fun players to watch.


So… that’s Thursday night. Thursday day I’ll be making sure my mom can walk after her dentist fits her with a dental bridge. Then we’re going to the National Library where she signs the contract for her new, full time job… she’s very, very happy about that and we’ll be having lunch somewhere. I haven’t spent too much time with mom in the past couple of months so this will be nice.

But it’s not hockey.

So… to anyone willing to answer, the No Post Question today is:

What’s your favourite sport, which team is your favourite and which team would you load into a rocket filled with razorblades and vinegar and shoot into the sun?



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4 Responses to No Post Day: Going To The Show

  1. melanie says:

    Have fun tonight!
    1. Hockey, I am Canadian afterall.
    2. The Sens, they’re my home team
    3. The Leafs of course because, well, they’re The Leafs.

  2. thordora says:

    I love hockey (although I’m getting very tired of Ottawa fucking it up in the playoffs…and what is WITH them losing to Toronto?!?!? So ashamed….) but curling is a favorite sport, as is basketball. I don’t like watching most sports though.

    Ottawa-I have to like them since I grew up 40 minutes from there. And liking Toronto would be sad.

    I feel no real venom for any team Tie Domi isn’t on.

  3. bromac says:

    Favorite sport to play = soccer or softball

    Favorite amateur sport to watch = softball

    Favorite pro sport to watch = football (i am american after all)
    Favorite team = Tampa Bay Buccaneers!!!!! Go BUCS!
    Team to ship to the sun = anyone with qb better that my honey, Peyton Manning (this year that would be damn brady)

  4. Gabriel... says:

    Buffalo: 4
    Ottawa: not enough

    Dora: Tie Domi is probably my least favourite hockey player. The guy’s an idiot with no sense of self or humour.

    Bromac: Tampa Bay? Really? I liked them with Sapp and Coach Cousin of Chuckie… Peyton Manning is my favourite QB now that Favre has retired. I have mixed feelings about Brady because of the way New England dumped Bledsoe… and I was a Kurt Warner fan.

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