Little Victor Sunday

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Little Victor held out longer than anyone else in my family, but he finally started coughing and sneezing this week. For the past three days he’s been throwing up, but only his formula. He’s still okay with the boob-juice.

Tonight (Saturday) he drank about 1.5ozs of formula without incident, so the next time he got hungry we thought it’d be a good idea to give him more, but after a few seconds it was like watching The Exorcist. He covered his poor mom’s favourite sweater in sticky milk stuff… honestly, he took in about an ounce but projectile vomited enough to fill a shoe box.

It was pretty awesome to watch all that stuff come out of something so small. And out so far… he looked so relaxed, but he must’ve shot that stream about six inches away from his giant head.

My girlfriend doesn’t think he’s lost any weight this week, despite his not being able to eat the formula. Before he got sick his weight was up to 8lbs 9ozs, and she’s actually pretty sure he’s put on another half pound.

Personally I think she prefers having the bottle put aside, she always seems happier semi-naked. They fell asleep on the couch tonight while they were still attached.

Victor’s great-grandfather spent a few hours with him at my girlfriend’s place on Friday. My grandfather was sick last week with whatever it was that I had, so they hadn’t seen each other in a while. My grandfather held his great-grandson for at least twenty minutes before he got tired.

Having Victor and my girlfriend around gives my grandfather a chance to tell all of his stories again.

aside… he just regurgitated on his mother again. I’ve never seen another human being do it so effortlessly. It does knock him out though.

So… yeah, my grandfather is trying to spend as much time here as he can. Unfortunately his memory is a little wonky, so instead of knocking on my girlfriend’s door he’ll knock on the shed door. Then, when there’s no answer, he’ll go home and call here wondering why we wouldn’t let him in. He did that twice this week.

We’ve offered to bring Little Victor to his retirement home, but my grandfather needs all the excuses he can get to get out of that place.

This week Victor and I watched “Stripes”, “Bladerunner”, “Spartan”, parts of “Rushmore”, and I introduced him to “Muse”, “Andrea Simms-Karp”, “Queen” and “Kings Of Leon”… he’s a little unsure about KOL. As are we all little buddy, as are we all.




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10 Responses to Little Victor Sunday

  1. Soire says:

    The boob tastes sweeter than formula. If it’s easier for the girlfriend, and makes her happy, it’s much cheaper and better for both of them! It’s easier for the baby to digest, and will help her to lose any pregnancy weight!

    All 3 of my kids were exclusively breastfeed for 15-18 months (#3 is 12 months now, and we’ve introduced dairy, but breast is still preferred by him).

    He really is adorable Gabriel. 😀

  2. thordora says:

    He’s SOOOO cute. 😀 Boobs are easier, so no wonder they both prefer it. 😛

    and yeah, KOL…..meh. Kid has good taste already.

  3. Stephany says:

    I like Kings of Leon. One of my kids projectile vomited at least 20 feet across the room—it’s mind blowing isn’t it?

  4. jennyspeaks says:

    Victor is truly a bundle of joy. and kudos to the early music appreciation classes. i was raised on Queen and glam rock too.

  5. Hella Stella says:

    Awwwww…. He’s so insanely cute.

  6. Skepticat says:

    I love this blog.

    I recommend a bicarbonate of soda solution for cleaning up those sticky sick stains, though as it’s about 25 years since I had to deal with this problem someone may have come up with an even better way.

  7. Gabriel... says:

    Hi Soire, and thanks. The pregnancy weight is slowly becoming an issue with my girlfriend. Personally I’m a fan of her curves, but before the pregnancy she was very proud of having lost 60lbs in a year. But it all came back almost right after getting pregnant.

    In terms of cost, I just bought a case of Similac yesterday and it was $40… I think we’re going through two cases a month. But, also yesterday, Victor managed to keep down 10oz of formula and only chucked up 2oz.

    I think the problem with going only with the boob-juice is there’s just not enough to go around… when he’s not vomiting Victor’s up to over 24oz a day. I think we’re just going to give him a Double Gulp cup from 7-11 as his sippee cup and let him deal with the food issue on his own.

    Hi Thor… boobs are the answer for most of life’s problems. Unfortunately they’re also the cause of most of life’s problems.

    Hi Stephany… I have to admit I’d love to see my kid let loose with a stream of vomit that could hit the other side of my apartment. I like the story behind KOL, and I like the music, it’s the vocalist I’m not sure of yet.

    Hi jennyspeaks… and welcome back. I’m trying my best to offset the music “tastes” of my girlfriend. Last night I walked in on them and they were rocking out to something called “3” by Britney Spears.

    Hello Hella Stella… thanks. And thanks. The album is great.

    Thanks Skepti Cat, I’m a big fan of yours as well. I think using bicarbonate of soda solution to clean up baby messes transcends generations. Actually I’m watching my favourite programme, The Mom Show, and one of their topics this morning was whether or not to use detergents on baby clothing… but I missed the answer because my cat’s insane. I’ll ask my girlfriend what she’s using to clean Victor’s wardrobe when I see her later on.

    Thanks again for coming over, it means a lot to have you write that.

  8. Soire says:

    Breastfeeding is supply and demand – for every feeding he takes a bottle, her body makes less milk. And while you’re only using a little formula now, he’ll grow and start eating more, thus. Breasts adapt and make more milk as needed, and all your girlfriend needs is to be hydrated and fed!

    It’s something close to my heart. When my first was born we were going to bottle feed until we did the math of a 1.5 years of formula!!

  9. Soire says:

    (The problem with it however, is you can’t /see/ how much the baby is eating, just measure how much he’s growing. It’s a lot of working on faith.)

  10. Clare says:

    Hi! Victor is soooo handsome. Be well, my friend.

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