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For a lot of reasons, I’ve been listening and collecting a lot of electronica and house music lately — actually, it’s pretty much mostly due to the fact they’re my wife’s favourite songs to listen to in the car.

Until we started dating, a little more than four-years ago, I had never really given the genre much of a chance. I once bought a Moby CD. Another time, I think in 1988, I stole my brothers copy of ‘Pump Up The Volume’, by MARRS.

Several years before I met my wife, I bought a Chemical Brothers CD based solely on the recommendation of someone with perky breasts… but it turned out to be a sampler CD, with no actual songs, just random beats. Or something, and she wasn’t that interesting.

The closest I’ve come before now, really, was during my ‘Industrial Phase’… which I’m still kind of in: ‘KMFDM’, ‘Ministry’, ‘Marilyn Manson’, ‘Butthole Surfers’, ‘Lords of Acid’, other crazy German stuff.

So imagine my surprise when I found myself actually tapping my foot at 260-bpm to our new assortment of in-car mixed-CD’s, which includes ‘Avicii’, ‘Swedish House Mafia’, ‘Lorde’, ‘deadmau5’, ‘Hecq’ and even (!) ‘Skrillex’.


So… my ‘No Post Day’ challenge, for anyone willing to play along, is:

Go to YouTube, and find a song you shouldn’t like but, for some reason, not only do you like it, you’ll actually turn it up while in the car, bus or subway… then post it in the comments section.

Bonus points: Find one of your all-time favourite songs, and post that as well.

These are two groups I’ve discovered in the past few months… ‘Icona Pop’ and — one of my favourite new finds, ‘A Tribe Called Red’. [YouTube alerts: if you can’t see them, you’ll find them here and here.]

…I’ve lost some of my self-respect by liking this but, fuck it, it’s catchy.

…but then I get it all back by associating myself with this awesome piece of awesome.




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7 Responses to No Post Day | Driving Songs

  1. Xine says:

    I have an inexplicable love of 1980s heavy metal ballads. This is the best one. I have a few of these hair band ballads on my driving list and they stick out like a sore thumb from the rest of my collection:

    • Gabriel... says:

      I was a CHOM 97.7 monkey for most of my teen years, so this was pretty much all I listened to on the radio on a regular basis: RATT, Aerosmith, LA Guns, Motley Crue, Scorpions… I guess it’d be considered modern classic rock, plus all the 70’s stuff. Thank God for Steven and his access to CKCU.

      So, I see your Extreme ballad, and raise you a Queensryche…

  2. jacob74 says:

    Guilty pleasure:

    Always love this one:

    • Gabriel... says:

      Wiki: “”The Fox” is no. 13 in the Billboard Hot 100, the highest ranked song by a Norwegian artist on Billboard since A-ha’s number 1 hit “Take on Me.””

      First, I had no idea A-Ha was Norwegian and, second, where did you find that slice of awesome? That’s hilarious… it’s like Gangnam Style meets the Bloodhound Gang on the way back from a Cab Calloway show.

      I always liked Marilyn… I miss having him around, I really think he could be more relevant now more than he had been… he’s probably the one performer I’d most like to see in concert.

  3. Jen says:

    I really like Conway. She’s an LA artist that made a music video with her Macbook Photobooth Program.

    • Gabriel... says:

      …thanks for playing along, Jen. The song’s not bad, but the video has the feel of a tween dancing in front of the mirror, using their parents video camera while they’re away at dinner with friends.

      Try this one, the idea is the same, but the artist is out in the open, surrounded by people:

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