Because Sunday Nights Are Only Good For Drinking Beer And Having To Spend Time With Family And I’m Almost Out Of Beer

“Montreal -40C”; ‘Trompe-l’oeil’, Malajube (2006).

My parents got back from their vacation last night. They were in France discovering The Homeland. Both my mother’s family and my step-father’s family are French-Canadien, my French family pulled into New France / Quebec back in 1740, my step-father’s French family arrived in the early 1800’s.

Mom, being a Real Historian, knows the exact dates… she’s researched both sides of our family right back to the Old Country, which was why they chose France for this years vacation.

She actually did the entire family history of my step-father’s family back to when they got off the boat in Old Montreal way back when. The interesting thing about family ancestry, as many people are finding out as it becomes more popular and more companies are popping up doing DNA Ancestry, is we’re all related somehow. As mom did the research on her husband’s family it turns out one of our female ancestors married one of his direct male ancestors after everyone was settled here in the New World, making my step-father a distant cousin.

That was weird enough. But mom went further back in her research and while they were in France they stopped by the village where my step-father’s relatives came from, then the one where my ancestors came from, and — it turns out — the villages were separated by about eight fields.

So they had a great time. People noticed their spoken French was Canadien-Français, but no one got on their case about it… which means France has definitely joined the American-style Service Industry, because it wasn’t too long ago when no self-respecting Parisian waiter would acknowledge your existence if you spoke Canadien. Too ‘provincial’. Anyway, there will be a slide show… there’s always a slide show. I got a scarf.



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5 Responses to Because Sunday Nights Are Only Good For Drinking Beer And Having To Spend Time With Family And I’m Almost Out Of Beer

  1. Gabriel... says:

    …it is a very nice scarf. It’s French.

  2. Gabriel... says:

    Yeah, but classier and with more attitude. It’s a nice scarf. Of course it’s made for French winters so I’ll actually probably wait until summer to wear it…

  3. justinmohareb says:

    So in the winter, it goes “Man, eet’s too cold here. Ah quit.”

  4. nursemyra says:

    waitin’ on the slide show…..

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