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Another Conversation With My Psychotherapist… Now With Less Mom Talk

The overarching theme for my past year in psychotherapy was my relationship with my mother… which seems not a little cliché, but it was something that needed to happen. We only discussed my mother for a few minutes this time. … Continue reading

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Conversations With My Psychiatrist | The End Is Nigh

I have two more appointments before my psychiatrist retires. This isn’t a surprise, she told me when we started three years ago that our relationship would be temporary. She also told me I wouldn’t be left out in the cold, … Continue reading

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Thursday Conversations With My Psychiatrist | New Pills & A Car Wreck

I’ve changed psychiatrists since I wrote the last one of these. My last psychiatrist — the one who saved my life, retired… or something, he told me my regular Doctor could treat me. So I went without a psychiatrist and … Continue reading

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The Day-To-Day Indignity Of Manic Depression

“Caring for yourself, looking after your physical health, just isn’t a priority for someone who constantly wants to die.” — ‘When You Spend 6570 Consecutive Days Wanting To Kill Yourself The Little Things Get Neglected… Like Dental Hygiene’: June 13, … Continue reading

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My Bipolar Origin Story Because We Should All Have At Least One

Most of us have an origin story. The first time we heard a diagnosis that made sense, that explained and even justified our behaviour, that gave us something to fight against. Something that just made sense. Mine came when I … Continue reading

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Even More Mental Health Studies & News: Vol.6

This issue: More fMRI studies proving distinct brain differences in people with Bipolar and/or Schizophrenia and those without; using genetics to improve diagnoses and personalize treatments for manic depression; raising children who have a mental illness; Virtual Reality and autism; … Continue reading

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