Little Victor Sunday Update

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My girlfriend hasn’t been sleeping well this week, so Little Victor and I have spent a lot of time together this week. I think the schedule of a single mother with two children is getting to her.

For as long as I’ve known her — which is two weeks away from a year — she’s never had a decent nights sleep. Either her four-year old is waking her up at 3am, generally to get her to sleep in his bed, or her four-year old wakes her up complaining of a mystery illness. Then, after she got pregnant, there was all of that drama.

So… I think it’s catching up to her. Tonight, for example, her son came back from spending the weekend with his father. Normally she’d spend the first hour helping him re-acclimate to the newish environment. Tonight the first thing he did after walking in the door was ask to play his video game, and the first word out of her mouth was “no”. Everything just went to shit from there.

It turned into three hours of deep sobbing from him, and panic from her. So I got to keep Victor with me while they figured stuff out.

My girlfriend and I finally had a chance to see Avatar this week, which meant Victor spent the afternoon and early evening with my mom. My mom and I have a difficult (to describe) relationship, but Victor and my mom have the kind of relationship where, after a few hours, my mom looks fifteen years younger.

We were at a restaurant for brunch this morning and my mom held Victor the entire time. My mom noticed how tired my girlfriend has been, and offered an odd solution… basically, after Victor’s older brother goes to school, my girlfriend could crash at my mom’s place for a day while mom looked after Victor.

Of course it’s a ploy, my mom would adopt Victor tomorrow given the chance, but it’s an interesting idea.

Victor hung out with his great-grandfather — Big Victor — three times this week. Last week my grandfather was having a hard time finding my girlfriend’s apartment, this week he’s calling from his car to let us know we’ve got ten minutes to prepare. My girlfriend adores my grandfather, which helps. And my grandfather loves having someone new to tell the old stories.

I’m going to set up my camera the next time so I can get a movie of them together, and audio of my grandfather talking about dealing with the Montreal mob to get construction projects started back in the 1960’s.

My grandfather bought us (Little Victor and his parents) all lunch at a local restaurant on Tuesday. Waitresses love my kid.

Little Victor’s biggest day for meeting new people was on Saturday. There are six people in my family with birthdays at this time of year. We’re separated by about ten days. So mom had a special lunch for everyone. It was pretty sweet… lots of people, lots of alcohol, buckets of food.

It was the first time Little Victor met my younger brother and his wife — who’s four months pregnant, and a total bitch. My uncle held Little Victor for the first time, my grandmother finally got around to holding her great-grandson — I just aimed them at each other, once she had him she started telling everyone it was a bad idea to let seniors hold babies… because they’ll drop them. She’s just that funny.

Little Victor survived, but he has been touched by evil. So… we’ll see.

He also got over his cold by Monday. And he’s been keeping down his formula… which is a little bit too bad, because he was getting pretty awesome at the projectile vomiting thing. We didn’t get him weighed this week, but my girlfriend’s certain he’s over nine pounds now.

We didn’t watch many movies this week… we tried watching “ZombieLand” on Saturday night, but I fell to sleep halfway through. I’m not sure if Victor managed to finish it. I liked it right up until the Bill Murray gag. That was just stupid dumb. I’ve been told the movie finishes strong through, so maybe tomorrow.

This week I introduced Victor to three schools of country music, including the amazing soundtrack from the Coen Brothers’ “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Alison Krauss (with and without Robert Plant) and k.d. lang. We gave Béla Fleck a shot, but… you know.




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8 Responses to Little Victor Sunday Update

  1. Soire says:

    I’m glad this week is better.

    .. I’m gonna talk about the photo though – I’m a child restraint instructor, and there is too much going on with that seat – he only needs the fleece coat or the over seat wrap really. He shouldn’t have something that bulky on under the harness or it won’t restrain him properly.

    Please get it inspected! We have so much education we can impart.

    Haa.. I’ve been doing car seats for 7 years. I’m sorry if I seem like I’m attacking you and yelling “You’re doing it wroooong!!” I .. don’t mean to.

    (Also, I just noticed I’m on your blog roll, wicked fun!!)

  2. thordora says:

    Same thing happened when my Dad held Vivian when she was a baby-instant youth. It’s wonderful.

    He’s adorable. And I LIKED the Bill Murray gag!

  3. Clare says:

    What a beautiful baby!!!

  4. Stephany says:

    I think he looks nice and cozy! he is a little cutie pie isn’t he? Good thing all of us commenters are not all close by, or you might be overtaken for having turns holding him to regain some youth too. lol

  5. Meg says:

    Victor is adorable. I hope your girlfriend’s son settled in ok – he has a lot of change to deal with the baby too. It’s hard to share mom.

  6. skylark says:

    That is one handsome boy! I’m enjoying the updates on what movies and music genres Little Victor is being introduced to. Just wait til he hears Miles Davis!

  7. Gabriel... says:

    Hi Soire, you’ve been in the blogroll since we found each other… which (I checked) goes back to the Spring of 2008.

    Sorry to everyone for not responding sooner, I’m having concentration issues. With regards to the carseat, it’s a three-point harness which draws tight against the shoulders, and through the crotch, then the carseat attaches on four points to a solid base in the backseat… the base is attached directly to the car by two short straps. The snowsuit is necessary because of the weather, I’m not sure how we can get around that.

    I asked my girlfriend about the seat and she says our local volunteer fire department signed off on it, but that was three or four years ago when she used it for her older boy.

    I liked the Bill Murray gag for the first minute, but it got long and predictable after that… I have to watch (and finish) the movie, I know it’s better than I think it is. It has to be, it’s the zombie movie I’ve always wanted to make.

    Thanks again everyone, especially Meg — I think this is your first time commenting here, so thanks for coming over.

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