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Happy Christmas And A Merry New Year… Or Something

We didn’t celebrate Christmas when I growing up. I knew about Jesus and Santa from school, of course, but one of my earliest memories is listening from the top of the stairs while my father argued with some other member … Continue reading

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Conversations With My Psychotherapist Are Coming To An End

“…our biggest trigger while I was growing up, was me asking questions about my past. Any questions about the Cult we grew up in, or anything regarding my father, or even anything regarding my father’s side of the family, were … Continue reading

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Bonding Part Two: The Punishments She Did And Didn’t Hand Out

“So for the first few years of my life my Mother wasn’t there, for the next five years of my life I was a group chore, with little to no idea who she was to me. Then, for the next … Continue reading

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Bonding Part One: Two Choices She Made That Made Me

Even though I lived with her, I didn’t know who my Mother was until I was eight-years old. That was one of the main rules of the Commune / Collective / Cult I grew up in: the kids are everyone’s … Continue reading

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Sometimes Life Happens, Part One: Death.

My grandfather died in August. At the end, it was not unexpected. It gets that way when someone passes the 90-year mark, and he was 92-years old. I held his hand a few days before he stopped breathing. He was … Continue reading

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Grandfather update plus another death in the family and it’s really hot (Updated 11pm)

My grandfather’s youngest brother died Friday morning. It wasn’t a surprise. My granduncle had a stroke last week, which led to the heart attack on Friday. But he had been… ‘damaged’ for a couple of years. He lost most of … Continue reading

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