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Back On The High-Wire Without A Net: Goodbye To My Psychiatrist And Hello Again To My Blog

My psychiatrist retired in July. At our next-to-last appointment he told me I was doing well enough that he decided not to refer me to another shrink, instead my family doctor will be treating me. Which I’m a little nervous … Continue reading

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Even More Mental Health Studies & News: Vol.5

This issue: The anti-vaccination movement creates a whooping cough epidemic in Los Angeles; new study finds genetic markers for manic depression, while another finds a “genetic pathway underlying bipolar disorder”; a chemical found in broccoli helps relieve symptoms of autism, … Continue reading

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Sometimes Life Happens, Part One: Death.

My grandfather died in August. At the end, it was not unexpected. It gets that way when someone passes the 90-year mark, and he was 92-years old. I held his hand a few days before he stopped breathing. He was … Continue reading

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Why I’d be happy to have a drink with Ebenezer Scrooge

A few nights ago I was watching the greatest Christmas movie ever made, Die Hard, and flipping over to A Christmas Carol during the commercials. When I was a kid the Scrooge movie freaked me out just enough so I … Continue reading

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Going for a drive through the crazy mountains

I’m having a discussion with my little sister on Facebook right now about conspiracy theories. She’s a “believer” in pretty much everything — chemtrails, fluoride as brain control solution, grand conspiracies involving shadowy forces bent on… stuff. And things. Right … Continue reading

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Even more studies into Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Autism, Alzheimer’s and confirming the rights of the mentally ill

“The risk of developing schizophrenia is about one percent – around the globe. But in the northeast of Finland, the mental disorder occurs three times more frequently than in other parts of the world. The northern regions are home to … Continue reading

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